Bismarck Hawktree Golf Course
June 18th, 2015
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Dakota Underground Company
Fargo, ND

ACPA Chapter member Dakota Underground Company from Fargo was recently informed of their selection as the top project in its category of Concrete Overlays Highways for the ND 200 Overlay Project at Hillsboro. They and other project participants will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony at the 49th National ACPA Annual Meeting at Marco Island Marriot Beach Resort, Marco island, Florida on November 30th. In addition to Dakota Underground, Inc., those receiving the plaques for the Gold Winner category will include the North Dakota Department of Transportation, Ulteig Engineers, Inc., and Aggregate Industries, Inc. Mr. Josh Olson, P.E. is also noted as the Engineer of Record for Project Design.

We wish to congratulate the project participants in this extreme recognition process. The project selection as the top concrete overlay project out of 200+ overlay projects constructed nationally last year is hopefully the start of a proud North Dakota tradition.
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Concrete Overlays

North Dakota Hwy 200 - Hillsboro
4" Overlay at Camp Grafton
6" Clay County 52 Overlay
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St. Louis Roads Paved with Smog-Eating Concrete
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Jamestown Pavement Rehabilitation Project
Highlighted in Nat'l Grooving and Grinding Assoc. Article
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Plastic Shrinkage Cracks
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U.S. DOT Comment on EPA Flyash Position
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NEWS: Inadequate transportation infrastructure imposes hundreds of billions of dollars of unnecessary costs on the U.S. economy each year and impedes our competitiveness in the global market place.
-- Continued
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Press Release: Overlay Database Available Online...
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Request for Information on concrete pavements of historic significance
The 120th anniversary
of the oldest surviving concrete pavement (1893) in America went by last year with little $fanfare, observance, or celebration. To put this in perspective, this was just 17 years after Custer's last stand and one year before Henry Ford began experimenting with his quadricycle. And it's still there and serving.

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Newspaper Article About Whitetopping in Iowa
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Curing Makes Concrete Perform

A Discussion on Curing and Sealing
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Vision Statement for MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub
The CSHub at MIT will revolutionize the scientific basis for evaluating the environmental impact of Portland cement concrete, for optimizing the use of present materials, and for modifying present materials and developing new materials designed to achieve a fully sustainable physical infrastructure, including uses in ever more demanding environments. More Info

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Report from the NRMCA National Convention
Wal-Mart will start a new program of building "Express" size stores in the near future. Word from a Virginia ready mix supplier is that Wal-Mart selected their company for parking lot materials based on their NRMCA Green-Star Certification. Recommendation: Get your Green-Star Certification before your competition to do business with Wal-Mart.

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Saving fuel through concrete pavements makes sense.
Fuel Consumption and Emissions Study Demonstrates Environmental Advantages in Paving with Concrete
From RMC Foundation-UTA
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Chicago Concrete Street Eats Smog
Photocatalytic cements allow reduction in smog - click here for info.

How Good is Your Cylinder Test for Acceptance
Testing compressive strength has been a time-honored method of identifying quality concrete for as many years as we have been making concrete. However, we must also recognize that the cylinder is not the best way of testing for quality acceptance.
See the complete article here.

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